School and Technology

  1. Do you feel school is preparing you adequately for your future. Why or why not?
    School is a place to help us figure out who we are and what we want to pursue through the process learning in many different ways. However, is school really preparing us for the future? To some extent, yes but there are things that most schools do not teach. Schools teach us many things, from how to count our numbers to knowing the circumference of the earth. They have given us a countless amount of knowledge so that we are prepares for any career path we choose related to the subject we chose to follow. Although that is quite amazing, all that they have taught us is how to be how to be “book smart”. How about the essential skills that a human should know moving on to being an adult and independent person? In my perspective, the courses where they teach you life skills and communication skills should be made mandatory and more popular throughout the districts. That way, the academic and life skill related courses are viewed from the same level in school education so that students are ready for their career and independent lives.
  2. How do you personally use technology to learn?
    Technology is an amazing thing but I feel that too much exposure to it might be detrimental which is why I don’t use that much technology for my educational purposes. I use a smartphone, laptop, printer and USBs. My smartphone and laptop are used for research, getting in contact with classmates when I need help, inspiration, visuals for when I do not understand a question. They are also used when my courses have online activities and websites. As for my printer and USB, they are used for printing and putting my files onto a device that is portable.
  3.  Do classes that use more technology appeal to you? Is it easier for you to learn the content?
    Yes because technology is an amazing invention for us to use for education, but that should not be the only method of learning in a course. There has to be at least a bit of “traditional” learning practices. (traditional being books, line paper, etc.)
  4. Does it matter to you if a teacher uses technology in class? Why or why not?|
    It does not matter to me because I learn well with or without technology. Personally, I feel that whichever method that the teacher is comfortable and strongest in, should be the method used to teach the content. That way, the students will be interested in learning more about the course because of the interest the teacher has in teaching the course.
  5. What technology would you like to see teachers use that is not currently being used?  Why did you choose that technology?
    Kindle E-Readers would be an exceptional addition to the technology world at school because students can read their books for class on the electronic rather than carrying many books as well as utensils needed to highlight key facts and so on. It is also very light to carry from class to class and provides many functions that you would use when reading. I feel that this addition would be very beneficial because of how easy it is for students to use the E-Readers in class and due to the large amount of functions, students will also be interesting in navigating themselves through the E-Reader which will soon bring interest into to learning since it is portrayed in a unique and interesting forum.

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