New learning strategy, New me.

  1. Summarize your chosen strategy and explain why you picked it or explain your procrastination or multitasking problem and explain why you want to fix it.
    The big issue in my life is procrastinating, without it, my life would be flowing in a much better way. I’d be able to get enough sleep, leisure and study time in. With a schedule, I’d be more organized but that is not the case. There are times where I tell myself that this is no time to push back, but other times I tend to push the items on my “To Do” list to the side when I want to watch episodes of Criminal Minds or Bones. I tell myself that I’ll do it later, KNOWING that I’ll have a difficult time getting things done at such a late time. My goal is to write out a schedule as to when I will have my leisure time and study time, with the help of the “Pomodoro Technique”.
  2. Explain how you will implement the strategy – be as specific as possible
    Further expanding on my answer in the previous question, I wanted to use a physical schedule and the Pomodoro Technique to help me lower my procrastination problem. For the schedule, it’s going to include time intervals throughout the evening, explain when I will start and finish studying. The schedule will also specify the subjects I will be focusing on during that time so that it creates less chaos in my brain. This will give me a little push to getting things done when I have a physical reminder right in-front of me. For the Pomodoro Technique, I want to used increments of 25 mins of study time and 5 minutes of relaxation, I will use that time to take my mind off of what was learnt so that I am not constantly stressing out.
  3. What is your end goal? How will you know the strategy works for you?
    My end goal is to hopefully, lower the amount of times at which I procrastinate. I realized that just repeating the schedule to myself wasn’t providing much benefits to my life. I came up with the plan to encourage myself more to go by schedules by writing out my “To Do” list as well us training myself to adapt to the Pomodoro Effect. I feel that this will help me a lot because the reason as to why I procrastinate is I stress myself out (over academics) to the point where I choose relaxation over studying and not think twice. However, with this schedule and new learning strategy, I am able to organize my thoughts and have a clear path ahead of me that will help lower stress and the rate of procrastination in my life since it was the lack of routine and self-encouragement that I lacked.
  4. What are your critical moves?
    Some critical moves I’ll have to implement is to not have my phone around when I learn and force myself to use my laptop for education purposes when needed. Distraction also played a part in numbering my priority list incorrectly.
  5. How will you shrink the change?
    Rather than changing myself completely, I want to make little changes that will result in changing a fraction of myself for the better. Examples can be to wake up early and figure out my plan for the day and make sure I go by it. I also have to make sure that I have enough leisure time and study time so that I do not have to fight the urge to go back to my old self. Little things like sleeping early, having positive thoughts and motivating myself can go a long way.
  6. How will you tweak the environment?
    I will tweak the environment by training myself to sit at a table not bed and get myself familiar with using the same objects in that environment so that there are no distractions.



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