New Learning Strategy: My Reaction

  1. How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?
    The strategy that I used in an attempt to fix my problem of procrastination was the Pomodoro Technique. When decided on this technique, I was excited because I never heard of this till I saw the presentation for it. On a daily basis, I get a lot of homework so in order for me to get that out of the way and start studying I used the Pomodoro technique. I downloaded the app from Google Play store and adjusted the settings so that the timer is set for 25 minutes since the presentation suggested that it is the ideal time interval. After I set it, I began to work. It was alright at first because I wanted to follow it to the best I can but after a couple days, my distractions got the best of me and it took me much longer to finish my work than I anticipated. I was able to focus on my studies for the 25 minutes but when it came to the relaxation time of 5 minutes, I either continued learning or relaxed for longer than 5 minutes. I guess I can say that it was somewhat successful but more on the side of failure. My problem is that I’m constantly under stress. I think to myself that I cannot rest until all the work is done and if I do get a break, I feel like I’m wasting time. Things such as distractions, overthinking and constantly being stressed is a problem that overpowered the Pomodoro Technique when I came around to using it.
  2. Did the strategy improve your learning or reduce your procrastination? What evidence do you have to support this claim?
    The strategy did reduce my procrastination but not by a lot. Some evidence that I can use in proving this would be that I learnt that I have to get work done by not wasting time, have a specific schedule for not just one day but for the week so I can try my best to stick to it. For the first few days, I managed to get my work done because I felt that I was on a time crunch which did assisted with the improvement. It also made me feel good about myself that I was getting things done rather than spending a lot of time trying to complete it. This was only until I steered away from following the method but, I did experience a small improvement in my procrastination problem and this was that evidence needed to prove that claim.
  3. Will you continue with the strategy?  Why or why not?
                  Although the Pomodoro Technique helped me with reducing my procrastination, I would not try that again because I feel that it did not suite me properly. I feel like my problem with procrastination is something only I can fix on my own. I need to motivate myself more as well as focus on the fact that every decision I make will change my future. That strategy only fixed a fraction of my problem but hopefully I can figure out the rest on my own. The Pomodoro Technique helped with getting my work done, however, it just raised my stress levels even more.

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