Social Media: Most Powerful Platform in the World, However, is it the Most Useful?

Based on the materials presented in class and your own background knowledge and experiences, do you think social media has overall had a more positive or negative impact on the world?

Social Media has been present in our world since forums such as MySpace and Facebook came out. They were first introduced for the sole purpose of bringing people closer through instant messaging, video chatting and documenting their lives. Although creating strong bonds between people regardless of the distance may have been the reason as to why these social media websites came around to exist, however, we humans have used it for an infinite amount of reasons, both good and bad.

We’ve used social media for communication purposes. With platforms like these, we are able to talk to anyone in the world at any particular time, with just a couple keystrokes followed by the “send” button. With access to the internet, one is able to do all of this for free instead of going out of their way to purchase a phone card or accept the charges when processing a long distance call.

Like-minded individuals have been given the opportunity to openly discuss important topics and news reports, discovering things they were never able to think about on their own. This can lead to people getting a better understanding of the topic so they are able to further involve themselves in today’s news rather than following the stereotype of being “bored to death” by the news.

Humans are also able to use their communication skills to spread awareness on alarming issues that may affect more than one country/generation. We have used social media to warn others about natural disasters, political issues, and so much more.

Although there are good factors to social media, there are also bad ones. The chance of communicating with one another reduces the number of times one used to hang out with friends outside of the internet world. Since the internet has made it easier to create bonds with others, humans are starting to lose the ability to communicate in person. With the person lacking this characteristic, it can affect one’s performance in interviews and in their desired working environment.

Since people are allowed to say what they want, whenever they want on social media, it can also lead to arguments, misunderstandings, and bullying. All of these issues used to be present in the real world, but because of social media platforms, we have brought the hate over to the internet, increasing the rate at which hate is spread. The internet is an enormous file that holds records of anything downloaded or uploaded but users tend to forget that. They start posting hate about one another, as a way of having fun and gaining the attention of other users. Since the hate is being spread online, bullies forget the emotional damage they are causing the victims.

Social Media has walls that block out the ability to understand one’s feelings and because of this, it can cause a lot of horrible outcomes such as bullying, and hate speech. In comparison with all the good factors, I feel that the negative points tend to overpower it all. Social Media can be good for our world, however, the negative points are just increasing at a much higher rate.


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