Here are some links I use. 🙂



Academic Workplace (Access to all school board related needs)
I use this website for all my courses and it’s easy to gain access to it by logging into this

Ms.Cuttle’s IDC-Course Information (IDC Course)
I use this website so I can stay on task and have any questions answered for my IDC class.

askbouttell-Gr12 Physics (Physics 12)
I use this website for physics since that is where my teacher posts his homework and upcoming assessments.

Mrs.Cheung’s Website (Chemistry 12 and a little bit of Biology 12)
I also use this website for when I want to study chemistry just so I still remember the information till I get into university. It also helps remember chemistry for grade 12 biology.


Personal Use:

Wattpad (Reading)
On days that I don’t have homework or when I have free time, I read stories written by teenagers.

Spotify (Music)
I use this app to listen to music when I am doing work.

I use this to talk to my friends about many topics and keep up with the social aspect of life.


Technology In Education:

Desmos (MATH)
I used this website/APP when I’m dealing with questions in math. Especially in the graphing unit, when I want to see if my answer is right or use a visual as to how the equation will look like, I use Desmos to graph my question out.

Khan Academy (for all subjects)
Used for all subjects when I do not understand what was explained and when I am in need of a visual explanation. Also where my math teacher hosts our assignments.

SparkNotes (ENGLISH)
In English, when I don’t understand the book I am reading or having trouble with translating what Shakespeare wrote, I can use Sparknotes to search up the book I need and look at summaries or translations.

Google Drive
(All subjects)
I use this website so I can access all my assignments and other pieces of work from any device, anywhere. This is something I use on a daily basis.

(All subjects)
This is a website I use for when I want to quiz myself or have a large group of students participate in a large kahoot game.


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